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Falcon Optics 4-18x44 0.1MRAD SFP B20 Absehen

Falcon Optics 4-18x44 0.1MRAD SFP B20 Absehen
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Art.Nr.: M185
Falcon Optics 4-18x44 0.1MRAD SFP B20 Absehen

M18+ 4-18×44 Riflescope MRAD SFP






Magnification Range:  4-18x

Field of View @ 100y:  27.0 – 7.0ft

Eye Relief:  85mm

Minimum Parallax Distance:  10m


Total Elevation Adjustment Range:  24.0MRAD

Adjustment Value Per Click:  0.1MRAD

Adjustment Per Turn:  10.0MRAD


Reticle Choice 1:  B20 FFP Install. Order Code M181. (PDF Diagram here)

Reticle Choice 2:  B20 SFP Install. Order Code M185. (PDF Diagram here)

Reticle Choice 3:  EMD2 FFP Install. Order Code M182. (PDF Diagram here)


Total Length:   353mm

Weight:   740g

Tube Diameter:   30mm / 1.18in

Construction:   1 Piece Tube/Saddle/Objective

Objective Lens Diameter:   44mm

Outer Objective Diameter:   51mm

Outer Ocular Diameter:   43mm


Additional Sunshades:  2 Supplied

Flip Up Lens Covers: Yes, Supplied


ACHTUNG: ZF´s auch erhältlich in:

B20 Mil Line FFP


B20 Mil Line SFP



  • Nitrogen Purged.
  • Waterproof Tested.
  • Recoil Tested up to and including .338LM. (And we say .338LM as in our experiance these tend to do more damage than the .50BMG)
  • Hand Tested and Quality Control passed in the UK.
  • Global Warranty.
Falcon Optics 4-18x44 0.1MRAD SFP B20 Absehen

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